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A New Era of Sensing

Praxisense brings all the senses to the palm of your hand; vision, sound, touch, and elemental sensors are all integrated using a state of the art smart software technology. Bring the granted senses to the next level.


Security in your home should is a priority. Smart devices help keep a close eye on your home and ensure that it is protected at all the times, even when you’re away.

Office and Business Solutions

Create intelligent spaces that will make the office a safer and efficient workplace. Monitoring energy usage, cut costs, increase efficiency and get work done.

Data Management

Maintaining the integrity of data and ensuring the completeness of data is essential to having data performance and stability 


Sensors are a key factor converting physical variables into meaningful data. Evolve into something more sophisticated in order to create a technically and economically viable environment.

Real Time Alerts

keep a closer eye on your home or business. Praxisense alerts you when it detects motion, temperature, or light fluctuations, and allows you to learn and understand your environment better.


Home security, appliances control, energy management, and pet entertainment, Prexisense provides you new ways to access it all!


Security Services & Data Solutions

Praxisense provides analog-to-digital conversion systems that digitize the world around you, and provide you with a real hands-on control when it matters the most. Arming you with knowledge and unlocking the analog world from your phone or computer from anywhere in the world.


Tools, Software, API & Resources

We provide a hub-less experience, where our hardware can be integrated with your existing system using our API. Remote control from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri. In addition, our mobile app, and desktop program gives you a complete control from anywhere. Check out blog for the most update to date news and articles, and our Status page to review the current state of our systems.

Prevention & Social Knowledge

Mass Data Can Proactively Promote Public Safety

Your individual Home and Business is a solid part of our social fabric. Choosing to voluntarily share your anonymized data promotes public safety by showcasing local and global data. Social motion, light, and sound analysis shows how the smallest things affect all of our neighbors.

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We are creating more and more “smart” devices all the time, the possibilities for automation are virtually limitless.